• Emma Beans Secret Solutions  Pain Relief

Emma Beans Secret Solutions Pain Relief


I originally developed this product for a family member who was suffering daily with excruciating pain. As a formulator,I knew of natural ingredients that could help alleviate some of the pain.I began my research to find the perfect synergistic combination and percentages to make an effective pain reducing treatment. After many tries, I felt I finally found the perfect synergistic combination. I gave my family member a sample and the next morning she called me to let me know it works. She said she cant believe it but she slept a full night. From there, I gave samples to my mother , other family, and friends, and all come back asking for the magic , claiming it works for their aches and pains. This is how this natural product was named Magic, because that is what my family and friends called it when they asked for more. The product that works when the aches and pains won't go away
          • REDUCES THE DURATION AND INTENSITY OF FIBROMYALGIA EPISODES - Rapid, soothing relief of muscle and nerve pain at tender points
          • HELPS REDUCE THE NEED FOR PAIN PILLS - This gel is effective reducing nerve pain naturally so you can use less pain pills.
          • IMPROVES SLEEP TO RESTORE ENERGY - Naturally reduces pain from fibromyalgia and allow you to sleep better and deeper. Helps improve your quality of life.