Why RG Skincare?

Fashioned after the skincare philosophy to nurture the skin and treat it as a treasured possession, we advocate prevention, protection and perfection utilizing the highest quality ingredients we source from all over the globe.

 Our ingredients are historically endearing and have been used for thousands of years to preserve the skin and to make it more attractive.  Best of all we disclose each and every ingredients we use in our products.  It makes the brand transparent and brings lucidity to a hazy skincare market.  For you it means that you can trust that your skin is in good hands

 After years of research it has been proven that as ingredients age they become less effective, less potent and no longer contribute to the stated effect. Though we can stabilize these ingredients with preservatives to keep them safe, they are no longer effective in contributing to the desired outcome.

We now make all of our products in small batches to guarantee our products have the freshest, most effective ingredients and will give you the stated desired outcomes. All of our products still go through rigorous testing to guarantee their safety and efficacy. The only downside is sometimes it will take us a bit longer to ship. But this is a minor consequence to guarantee the very best results

RG manufactures the highest quality products combined with unsurpassed customer service and product stability and efficacy:

No Animal Testing, FDA Registered, GMP compliant, In-House Quality Control Systems, In-House Shelf Life Testing, Kosher Certified Materials, Vegan Formulas, Sustainable Raw Materials, Sustainable Practices


The Problem with Traditional Skin Care


Unfortunately, so many people have grown accustomed to using and seeing synthetic skin care products that most dont even question where the ingredients come from or how they affect the body. But the truth is, synthetic skin care products contain a broad range of ingredients that can damage our skin and other body systems in the long run.

Since many of these products present visible results in the beginning, its easy to ignore their ingredients. However, as more and more people learn what kind of ingredients are in their skin care products, they are less inclined to use toxic chemicals and instead seek out high quality natural skin care. With that said, unnatural skin care ingredients and their effects on our skin are not the only issues with synthetic skin care. They also have negative effects on the environment. Some of the problems that often accompany these products include:

They contain petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, and chemical preservatives, as opposed to the natural and biodegradable ingredients in natural skin care, use synthetic additives, such as artificial colors and preservatives , potentially toxic , some tested on animals, whereas natural products are typically cruelty-free

Keep in mind that the ingredients you put on your skin (such as those mentioned above) don't just remain on the surface. Anything you put on your skin has the potential to enter your bloodstream (and a percentage of it always does) through your pores and do additional damage. But with natural skin care, this becomes a non-issue since the ingredients are non-toxic and thus not a threat to your body's overall health.


Benefits of Natural Skin Care


The main benefits of going natural with your skin care products are avoiding the harmful ingredients that are often found in synthetic products. Not only will  love  chemical-free products, but your skin will love it too! Natural skin care presents a variety of benefits for the skin, body, and environment, and we have detailed some of these incredible advantages below:

Eco-Friendly: The chemicals and synthetic ingredients in traditional skin care products can put pollutants into the air and water, whereas those that are made naturally are not as harmful.

Irritation-Free: If the chemicals in synthetic products can harm the environment, they will likely harm your skin and body as well. Since natural skin care products do not contain these harmful chemicals, your skin won't face the irritation that comes with synthetic products.

Gentle: The ingredients in natural products are far more gentle on the skin. Additionally, synthetic products can present quick results, but can also be harmful in the long run. With natural skin care, this is no longer a problem.

No Side Effects: Parabens are thought to affect the body's endocrine system, presenting unwanted side effects. With many natural products being paraben-free, these worries are laid to rest.