Clinical Studies

Increased Skin Collagen Synthesis by Rg-Cell CRT Serum - Oh, Sukjung -Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory at Chonbuk National University, South Korea


Conclusions: This study proves that RG-Cell Serum containing AFA Blue Green Algae at 400ug/ml significantly increased expression in fibroblast cultures compared with Vitamin C. Its incorporation in the skin care products represents a novel approach in the anti-aging field.
The study was conducted between Oct. 1, 2012 ~ Nov. 14, 2012. In vitro fibroblasts cell cultures were treated with 1% Vitamin C in the control group and various concentrations AFA algae extract containing cosmetics (Timeslip RG-Cell) 100, 200, 400 ug/mL in the treatment group. RT-PCR analysis for Collagen I and III synthesis were performed within 24 hours on both tested samples.
The treatment group showed significant collagen I and collagen III - images 1 and 2 - synthesis at a concentration of 400uc/ml compared with control group containing Vitamin C 1%.



An exciting independent study conducted by a leading stem cell research institution and Dr. Dave Woynarowski has once again shown scientific proof of improved collagen synthesis using RG-CELL -  (August 2014)

The slide shows 2 experiments, the first one (left side) is cell viability  #1 is control, 2 is serum, 3 is serum + Beauty Boost Peptide booster.  On the right side is collagen production same situation,#1 is control,2 is serum, and, 3 is serum + booster. The increase in "red" (slides A,B,C) is collagen increasing from left to right.